I live in Spain
Only You…
That wasn’t a microdose
Kill me
Would you like to be my girlfriend?
Virtual reality
Care bear
White Boys using the N word
Be confident
Humanity is a plague
I must be a dick
Untitled (JFK)
A famous negro athlete
Choo Choo
Life. Me. Serotonin
Sniff Glue
JC finger bang
New Slaves
Untitled (Mario)
Can we play a game?
It’s OK to be ugly
Fuck you mom
Thank you Spiderman
Fuck you with an aids dick
Stephen whore king
Teach a man to fish, etc.
Jet Fuel etc.
Pee Pee
The cops will shoot anything black
Xanax Mickey
Whilst you sleep
He-Man fuck you
Skinned man
Sliding into her DMs like
Me & My Uncle
Mary had a little lamb
UR marriage is a lie
Cowboys and Indians (Part II)
Hello Ketamine
Self Fulfillment
Sins of the father
Who war it best?
Bush did 9/11
You’re a faggot
Untitled (Big Fence)
Abbey rode this dick
A pictorial metaphor for the breakdown of my marriage
Cowboys & Indians
Breath Easy
Rainbows for everyone
I will literally shit on your dreams
Happy thoughts
Mummy said…
Ketamine Spongebob
Romulus and Remus
Snooper Soaker
Daddy’s new girlfriend
Untitled (Face-off)
Columbine harvester
Smoking is really cool
Black Booty
Busty Rhymes
Mike Dyson
That’s all fucks!


Listen04 is the product of a tractor mechanic, a young high school drop out and a broken condom.

His father would go on to commit suicide when the young artist was just five years old, leaving him to find his own way in a world full of questions.

Listen04’s work is him attempting to answer those questions, on paper. With pens.

“Boring and generic” – Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine

“His art looks like shit and he obviously has a fucked up head but he is serious about being funny and that’s all I need to give a fuck.” – Anthony Lister

“He should have been an abortion” – Name undisclosed (Artist’s mother)

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Selected exhibitions:

The Christmas Show – Listen04 & Porous Walker (2018)
Kore Contemporary, Bern, Switzerland

Spring Affair – Group Exhibition (2018)
Kasso-Smogg, Bristol, UK.

A Piece Of Mind – Solo Exhibition (2017)
Manchester, UK.

Group Exhibition (2016)
Museo Artequin Viña del Mar, Chile.

Child’s Play – Solo Exhibition (2016)
Daniel Rolnik Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

Brandalism – COP21 (2015)
Paris, France.

Little Shop Of Horrors – Group Exhibition (2015)
Kult Gallery, Singapore.

God Bless America – 1000 Drawings + Paintings – Solo Exhibition (2015)
One Grand Gallery, Portland, USA.

If you don’t know, now you know – Group Exhibition (2015)
Alternative London, London, UK.

Kill Your Shelf – Group Exhibition (2015)
Toy Con, London, UK.

Secret 7″ – Group Exhibition for Nordoff Robbin (2015)
Somerset House, London, UK.

Magic Garden: Last Call  – Group Exhibition (2014)
One Grand Gallery, Portland, USA.

Art Below (October 2014)
Billboard in Pimlico Station, London Underground, London, UK.

Ready To Die – Group Exhibition (2014)
One Grand Gallery, Portland, USA.

Plastic Schmack – Group Exhibition (2014)
Street Of Beige, Bristol, UK.

The Drawings & Paintings of a Reclusive Boy-Man – Solo Exhibition (2014)
The Jam Factory, Oxford, UK.

Naivism – Group Exhibition (2014)
Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark.

Secret 7″ – Group Exhibition for War Child (2014)
Downstairs at Mother, London, UK.

Suspend Magazine Launch – Group Exhibition (2013)
The Daily Dose Inc., Arts District, Los Angeles, USA.

Not For Rental – Group Exhibition for Macmillan Cancer Support (2013)
71a Gallery, London, UK.

Wunderkind – Group Exhibition (2013)
2022NQ Gallery. Manchester, UK.

Secret 7″ – Group Exhibition for Art Against Knives (2013)
Downstairs at Mother, London, UK.

Heartbreak – Permanent Group Exhibition (2012)
Smarty Pants Launderette, Bethnal Green, London, UK.

Art Below (November/ December 2012)
Billboard in Regents Park Station, London Underground, London, UK.

Wells Art Contemporary Prize – Group Exhibition (2012)
Wells And Mendip Museum, Somerset, UK.

International Open Show – Group Exhibition (2012)
Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK.

Studio Upstairs: One In four – Group Exhibition (2012)
Royal Academy Of Arts, London, UK.

Art Against Knives (2012)
AAK Gallery, Shoreditch, London, UK.

Secret 7″ – Group Exhibition for Teenage Cancer Trust (2012)
Idea Generation gallery, Shoreditch, London, UK.