I live in Spain
That wasn’t a microdose
Would you like to be my girlfriend?
Kill me
White Boys using the N word
Care bear
Virtual reality
I must be a dick
Humanity is a plague
Be confident
A famous negro athlete
Untitled (JFK)
Sniff Glue
JC finger bang
Life. Me. Serotonin
Choo Choo
New Slaves
Untitled (Mario)
It’s OK to be ugly
Fuck you mom
Can we play a game?
Thank you Spiderman
Teach a man to fish, etc.
Stephen whore king
Fuck you with an aids dick
Jet Fuel etc.
Pee Pee
The cops will shoot anything black
Xanax Mickey
Whilst you sleep
Skinned man
He-Man fuck you
Sliding into her DMs like
Me & My Uncle
Mary had a little lamb
Cowboys and Indians (Part II)
UR marriage is a lie
Self Fulfillment
Hello Ketamine
Sins of the father
Who war it best?
Bush did 9/11
You’re a faggot
Untitled (Big Fence)
Abbey rode this dick
A pictorial metaphor for the breakdown of my marriage
Cowboys & Indians
Breath Easy
Rainbows for everyone
I will literally shit on your dreams
Happy thoughts
Mummy said…
Ketamine Spongebob
Romulus and Remus
Snooper Soaker
Daddy’s new girlfriend
Untitled (Face-off)
Columbine harvester
Smoking is really cool
Black Booty
Busty Rhymes
Mike Dyson
That’s all fucks!


Listen04 is the product of a tractor mechanic, a young high school drop out and a broken condom.

His father would go on to commit suicide when the young artist was just five years old, leaving him to find his own way in a world full of questions.

Listen04’s work is him attempting to answer those questions, on paper. With pens.

“Boring and generic” – Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine

“His art looks like shit and he obviously has a fucked up head but he is serious about being funny and that’s all I need to give a fuck.” – Anthony Lister

“He should have been an abortion” – Name undisclosed (Artist’s mother)

For all enquiries:



Selected exhibitions:

The Christmas Show – Listen04 & Porous Walker (2018)
Kore Contemporary, Bern, Switzerland

Spring Affair – Group Exhibition (2018)
Kasso-Smogg, Bristol, UK.

A Piece Of Mind – Solo Exhibition (2017)
Manchester, UK.

Group Exhibition (2016)
Museo Artequin Viña del Mar, Chile.

Child’s Play – Solo Exhibition (2016)
Daniel Rolnik Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

Brandalism – COP21 (2015)
Paris, France.

Little Shop Of Horrors – Group Exhibition (2015)
Kult Gallery, Singapore.

God Bless America – 1000 Drawings + Paintings – Solo Exhibition (2015)
One Grand Gallery, Portland, USA.

If you don’t know, now you know – Group Exhibition (2015)
Alternative London, London, UK.

Kill Your Shelf – Group Exhibition (2015)
Toy Con, London, UK.

Secret 7″ – Group Exhibition for Nordoff Robbin (2015)
Somerset House, London, UK.

Magic Garden: Last Call  – Group Exhibition (2014)
One Grand Gallery, Portland, USA.

Art Below (October 2014)
Billboard in Pimlico Station, London Underground, London, UK.

Ready To Die – Group Exhibition (2014)
One Grand Gallery, Portland, USA.

Plastic Schmack – Group Exhibition (2014)
Street Of Beige, Bristol, UK.

The Drawings & Paintings of a Reclusive Boy-Man – Solo Exhibition (2014)
The Jam Factory, Oxford, UK.

Naivism – Group Exhibition (2014)
Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark.

Secret 7″ – Group Exhibition for War Child (2014)
Downstairs at Mother, London, UK.

Suspend Magazine Launch – Group Exhibition (2013)
The Daily Dose Inc., Arts District, Los Angeles, USA.

Not For Rental – Group Exhibition for Macmillan Cancer Support (2013)
71a Gallery, London, UK.

Wunderkind – Group Exhibition (2013)
2022NQ Gallery. Manchester, UK.

Secret 7″ – Group Exhibition for Art Against Knives (2013)
Downstairs at Mother, London, UK.

Heartbreak – Permanent Group Exhibition (2012)
Smarty Pants Launderette, Bethnal Green, London, UK.

Art Below (November/ December 2012)
Billboard in Regents Park Station, London Underground, London, UK.

Wells Art Contemporary Prize – Group Exhibition (2012)
Wells And Mendip Museum, Somerset, UK.

International Open Show – Group Exhibition (2012)
Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK.

Studio Upstairs: One In four – Group Exhibition (2012)
Royal Academy Of Arts, London, UK.

Art Against Knives (2012)
AAK Gallery, Shoreditch, London, UK.

Secret 7″ – Group Exhibition for Teenage Cancer Trust (2012)
Idea Generation gallery, Shoreditch, London, UK.